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American Medical Association (AMA) was founded on May 7, 1847, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The AMA pin featured on a photograph below, courtesy of Digital Past digital collection, was issued in 1902, and belonged to Doctor Amelia Louise Klehm (1870-1941). The round, gold pin has the following text, “A.M.A Saratoga Springs, 1902”.The image and shape of the pin are similar to a coin design. The image on the pin is of two Native Americans, one a woman, the other, a young boy, in an open field hiding behind a large tree stump. The middle of the stick has a spiral design.

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55 years ago, on April 12, 1955, the polio vaccine, developed by Dr. Jonas Salk, was declared safe and effective.
The portrait of Doctor Salk in his lab below is courtesy of Historic Pittsburgh Image Collections.

Doctor Jonas Salk

The photograph below, courtesy of Connecticut History Online digital collection, shows administration of oral polio vaccine to young boys in an elementary school in New Haven in 1962.

Adminstration of oral polio vaccine, New Haven

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March 24 is World TB (tuberculosis) Day. The title page featured below, courtesy of Making of America digital collection, is from a book Brief history of the campaign against tuberculosis in New York City: catalogue of the tuberculosis exhibit of the Department of Health, published in New York City over 100 years ago — in 1908. To read the full text of this book, please click on the title page image below.

The drawing below, courtesy of The North Carolina Experience digital collection, shows Mountain Sanitarium for Pulmonary Diseases in Asheville, North Carolina, where tuberculosis patients were treated, in 1870s.
The more recent photograph below, courtesy of Pittsburgh City Photographer Collection, part of a larger Historic Pittsburgh Image Collections digital collection, was made in 1937 and shows a doctor giving a tuberculosis vaccination to a small girl.

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